Workplace Accidents

Representing Victims of Workplace Accidents

When a workplace accident is caused by a contractor, equipment supplier or driver who is not employed by your employer, you have a third-party claim. This can entitle you to workmen compensation for your pain and suffering and other losses on top of the benefits you receive through your compensation claim.

If you do have a third-party claim, you should obtain legal representation from a firm experienced in these types of claims. Without that help and without careful coordination of both your third-party claim and workmen compensation claim, you could receive less than what you are entitled to under the law.

Georgia Job Injury?

At Clark & Smith Law Firm LLC, we have successfully represented many people in cases involving serious injury and fatal workplace accident cases. Our attorneys understand the many complex legal and insurance aspects of such claims — and we work hard to win every case we handle. We will work diligently to help you obtain full and complete workmen compensation for all of your losses.

Medical Care and Workmen Compensation

You have suffered a great setback in your life. You owe it to yourself and your family to obtain the medical care and compensation that can help you rebuild your life. Clark & Smith Law Firm LLC will be your strong advocate, working hard to help you get all of the medical care and compensation you deserve.

A Note for Referring Attorneys

Over the years, Clark & Smith Law Firm LLC has consistently received a high number of workplace accident case referrals from other attorneys. They appreciate our capabilities, record of results and readiness to go the extra mile for our clients. We often team with workers’ compensation attorneys to produce a coordinated effort regarding the worker’s comp claim and the third-party claim.

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