Fires & Explosions

Advocates for Georgia Fire and Explosion Victims

Fires and explosions are serious and can instantly kill or seriously harm victims. On top of being complex medical cases, fires and explosions are often complex legal cases, burdening victims and their families with difficult decisions and responsibilities. Fire, burn, and explosion injuries often occur on the job in the workplace.

With 25 years of experience representing burn or explosion victims and families, Clark & Smith has the expertise required to work through these complicated fire and explosion cases like:

  • Work place fires and explosions
  • Product explosions
  • House fires
  • Gas fires and explosions
  • Boiler fires and explosions
  • Dust explosions

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of local and national fire, building, and safety codes, which gives us valuable insight into your case. We will use our knowledge and skills to help your loved one get all of the medical care and compensation he or she deserves.

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Our Track Record

Clark & Smith has recovered tens of millions of dollars for explosion victims and their families who have been killed or injured in fires or explosions. We have successfully represented clients in cases such as:

  • The Imperial Sugar Company dust explosion outside of Savannah, Georgia
  • The Durango-Georgia Paper Company boiler explosion in St. Marys, Georgia
  • A boiler fire at a paper mill in Early County, Georgia
  • Numerous rental home fires across Georgia

Getting Medical Care and Treatment

Clark & Smith works diligently and methodically on every case. We want to ensure our research is thorough so you can receive full compensation and pay for medical treatments now and in the future, if necessary. We place a priority on helping you or your loved one and want the best possible settlement or trial award to help you face the future.

Our work with burn injury specialists at University Hospital in Augusta and Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, Gainesville gives us an understanding of the medical and psychological needs of burn injury victims. It also gives us the ability to better determine the amount of compensation you deserve and need. One of our goals is to help you or your loved one get the primary medical care, follow-up treatment, cosmetic surgery, and psychological counseling you need to fully heal from your injuries.

Helping You Rebuild Your Life

Our job doesn’t stop with representing you in court. We will  communicate with the treating physicians and other medical experts to ensure you or your loved one has a plan for future medical help. We take seriously our obligation to help you in any way we can by offering advice and helping you with tough decisions.

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