semi truck safety tipsAn estimated three million commercial trucks travel across America every year. With so many trucks on the road, it’s important to know (and follow) semi truck safety tips while nearing these huge vehicles. If you’ve been injured in a semi-truck accident, follow these steps.

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Consider these four semi truck safety tips while sharing the road with these trucks:

Keep Your Distance

It’s important to keep your distance when you share the road with a semi truck. These massive trucks can easily weigh 18,000 pounds – over 4 times as much as an average vehicle. Because of their size, they need plenty of room to stop. Make sure you don’t tailgate or linger too closely near the front of the truck.

Be Aware of Blind Spots

Unfortunately, since semi trucks are so huge, they have four blind spots. Their blind spots include the space directly in front of the truck, directly behind the truck, and on either side. Blind spots are the number one reason why cars and semi trucks collide. Avoid these spots as much as possible.

Be Mindful While Passing

A semi truck’s blind spots are much bigger than the average car’s blind spots. Before you pass, signal early so the driver is notified that you will be going around the truck. Then, speed up to ensure the time spent in the blind spot areas is minimal.

Obey Road Rules

Remember to abide by the speed limit so the truck driver can gauge your distance. If you speed up too quickly, an accident may occur. If possible, move over an additional lane before passing. (It is also smartest to pass a semi truck on its left due to the decreased visibility of an approaching car on the right.)

There are over 4,000 truck-related deaths in America every year. Follow these semi-truck safety tips, and stay safe on the road!