Every year, thousands of people die due to house fires or burn injuries. However, taking certain safety precautions can keep you and your family safe. The Clark & Smith attorneys can help! We have a thorough understanding of local and national fire, building, and safety codes.

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Consider the following steps to keep your family safe from a house fire:

Service Your Heating System

The weather is slowly cooling down, and eventually the chilly winter months will be here. It’s important to service your heating system before you need to use it. HVAC professionals will check for leaks, your HVAC professional should check for any damage, or problems in your system. Additionally, vacuum any dust that has accumulated in your heater. By all means, keep flammable items away from the heater to prevent a possible fire.

Remove Dryer Lint

Your dryer collects lint and catches it in a filter. It’s vital to remove this lint after every use. If the lint in the filter is too thick, the filter is not able to do its job properly. The dryer becomes less efficient which makes the motors overheat. Additionally, a clogged filter will force lint onto the dryer’s heating coils which could cause a fire.

Blow Out Your Candles

Having an open flame in a room where flammable items are present is a potential fire hazard. If you light a candle, make sure to stay in the room and always blow out the flame when you leave the room. You should always keep the candle out of reach of children. More people are switching to battery-operated candles to avoid this potential disaster.

Check Your Electrical Cords

When a cord is worn, the heat from the wires may transfer onto combustible surfaces instead of being trapped inside. Check your cords to see if they are frayed or cracked, and replace immediately if there is any damage. Avoid running cords under rugs or furniture.

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