Nursing Home NegligenceNursing homes are meant to be safe and provide a peaceful place for the older generation to live. Unfortunately, nursing home negligence occurs and our parents or grandparents are the ones who suffer. This shouldn’t happen! Let the Clark & Smith attorneys help you fight for justice.

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There are many different types of nursing home negligence such as medical, hygiene, emotional, and basic needs.

Medical Neglect

Medical neglect occurs if a resident is not getting the appropriate medicine that he or she needs. Whether the problem is a small cut or a serious disease, the staff must take care of and give attention to the resident. If these medical conditions go unnoticed and uncared for, your loved one could suffer and the situation can worsen.

Hygiene Neglect

When personal hygiene needs are not met, issues penetrate deeper than the surface problem. At surface level, your loved one may have a foul odor or feel dirty. At a deeper level, the resident may feel a decrease of self worth and security. When basic needs are not met, mental and emotional abuse is taking place.

Emotional Neglect

Emotional neglect occurs if the resident is not cared for or listened to. This neglect may show itself in the form of being left alone or constantly being talked to in a disrespectful way. When emotional neglect occurs, you may notice your loved one as withdrawn and quiet. If you notice this, ask questions so the truth can come out.

Basic Needs Neglect

If your loved one is not getting the proper amount of water or food, this can severely affect physical health. However, basic needs are much more than water and food. If the resident is not living in a clean and safe environment, his or her basic needs are not being met.

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